• Delhi office: X13 ,first floor,hauz khas, New Delhi 110016 INDIA.
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  • Delhi office: X13 ,first floor,hauz khas, New Delhi 110016 INDIA.
  • Call us +91 98203 22331 +91 70219 84977


Founded in 2003, ARC Insulation is India’s largest manufacturer of Glass Fiber (GFRP) Rockbolt, Rebars, Anchors and Accessories with production plants in Kolkata, India

ARC Insulations product range includes: -

  • GFRP rebars / Soft-Eyes for permanent or temporary applications
  • GFRP Rods in 8-12mm diameter for civil construction, a cost-effective replacement of TMT bars in non-structural applications
  • GFRP rock bolt, accessories and injection tubes
  • GFRP Self Drilling Rockbolts
  • GFRP Ladders, GFRP Cable Trays, GFRP Gratings, GFRP Junction Boxes
  • GFRP Hand Rail systems

(China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd.) is a worldwide underground solutions provider for a full range of mechanized tunnelling technology and services. Our scope of works covers TBMs, including EPB TBM, Slurry TBM, Multi-mode TBM, Rectangular TBM, U-shape TBM, Hard Rock TBM, shaft boring machines, cutting tools and spare parts. We offer full crews along our TBM operation and maintenance, leasing and financing. Furthermore, we offer options on TBM buyback and remanufacturing.
CREG products have been widely used in more than 30 cities in China and exported to many countries/regions including Malaysia, Singapore, India and Middle East. In December 2013 acquisition of Wirth IP (hard rock TBM and shaft boring machine) further fuels CREG’s rapid growth of international business. CREG has now been granted over 200 utility patents, invention patents and international PCT patents.
CREG is leading the market with its technology and innovation, particular Rectangular TBM and U-shape TBM.

CureTec Energietechnik GmbH und Co. KG is the leading supplier for design, installation and maintenance of special systems for accelerated concrete curing. The company, headquartered in Vrees, Germany, was founded in early 2006 and has since commissioned more than 900 systems worldwide. Our customers are from Europe, North America, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Australia, India and other countries and other regions.

In 2020 Curetec set up a new branch company - Curetec Shanghai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in China to provide more professional, effective and economic accelerated curing solutions for the concrete industry in China and greater Asia.

With our project-specific developed solutions, we offer the basis for controlled accelerated concrete curing. Regardless of the climate conditions on site, we sustainably support our customers in the economical production of high-quality concrete products such as precast concrete elements, paving blocks, sidewalk slabs, railroad sleepers, concrete pipes, bridge elements and much more.

Established in the year 1989, Daeryong Industries is one of the market leaders in the fields of EPDM Tunnel Gaskets and Hydrophilic /PVC Water stops for the Construction, Tunneling and Civil Engineering Industry

Operates three states of the art manufacturing facilities in Korea and one greenfield manufacturing facility in Malaysia, all working continuously to cater its growing list of customers

Offers a complete and comprehensive bespoke service, from drawing board design to execution and training and installation

Range of products offered

  • EPDM gasket for shield segment tunnels
  • Composite EPDM gasket
  • Hydrophilic rubber water stops for shield tunnels & construction industry
  • PVC water stop for the construction industry
  • Bituminous packers
  • Chloroprene rubber adhesive

Pawan Machineries Pvt. Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of standard and non-standard railway points & crossings, all types of turn outs on steel, wooden and PSC layouts, and all types of P. Way fittings including rails and crane rails and its fixture.

SCAE, after having worked successfully for several years in the field of design and manufacturing, has evolved into an industrial organization, establishing itself in a short time both on the national market and abroad, thanks to its consolidated experience, its specialization, and constant research activity, development and technical update.

Manufacturer of tunnel segments, segment moulds, segment handling equipment, segment cast in accessories & bolts, etc.

Unicrane Mother Company established its first precast yard in the year 1972 and from 2004 till now Unicrane has become one of the leading professional steel segment mould manufacturers in the world

Unicrane products are accredited by many countries like India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Finland, Russia, Canada, Germany and China.

Starting 2019, ANAC Consultants has ventured into refurbishing of previously used diesel locomotives. ANAC Consultants has purchased 27ton, 35 Ton, and 40 Ton Locomotives from erstwhile contractors and undertaken the complex task of refurbishing the machines to near new status. ANAC Consultants operates out of its 2000 sq meter yard where ANAC Consultants undertakes refurbishment of various engines, transmission and undertake exhaust purification options, as well as numerous supplementary features providing the perfect locomotive for your applications, working conditions and environments.

ANAC Consultants provides its customers on-time support with ready availability of consumable spares to ensure the client has the least amount of down time and ensuring continuous mining in the tunnels.

Features & Benefits of Partnering with ANAC Consultants for your Refurbishment and Rolling Stock needs:

Highest quality and branded components help in optimizing reliability & reducing maintenance

Engines & transmissions optimizing reliability & fuel economy Reduced emissions cleaning diesel engines up

Reduced carbon footprint

We use only branded and new spares like valves, filters, electrical, wheels, brake blocks etc

We have Top Team of mechanical and electrical engineers to monitor refurbish and do quality approval of the refurbishment.

The extensive GSA chiller product line was developed based on decades of Knowledge & industry leadership, and includes Screw, Reciprocating & Scroll Compressor chillers

We have competent and comprehensive conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, erecting and troubleshooting teams in place to cater to all customer requirements.

Self-Drilling Anchors, Pipe Roof Umbrella System, FT Anchor Bar, Drill Jumbo Rock Drilling Products
The Self-Drilling Hollow Bar Anchor System is comprised of a hollow threaded bar with an attached drill bit that can perform drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. The hollow bar allows air and water to freely pass through the bar during drilling to remove debris and then allow grout to be injected immediately after drilling is completed. Grout fills the hollow bar and completely covers the entire bolt. Couplers can be used to join hollow bars and extend the bolt length while nuts and plates are used to provide the required tension.

GSA offers Self Drilling Anchors in variants of R25, R32, R38, R51 and T76 and their accessories including the Anchor Nut, Anchor Plate, Anchor Coupler and Drilling bits depending on the geological condition of the project site (Type EX, EXX, ES, ESS, EY, EYY).

TBM Cutters are assembly of 13 to 16 different components depending upon application and the TBM Manufacturers. It could also be divided into single cutter, double cutter and multiple blade cutters. The Primary Application of the TBM cutter is to chip the rock which is coming in contact with it. Heavy abrasion properties are the essence of the cutter’s parts.

The success of a tunnel-boring machine (TBM) in a given project depends on the functionality of all components of the system, from the cutters to the backup system, and on the entire rolling stock. However, no part of the machine plays a more crucial role in the efficient operation of the machine than its cutterhead. The design of the cutter head impacts the efficiency of cutting, the balance of the head, the life of the cutters, the maintenance of the main bearing/gearbox, and the effectiveness of the mucking along with its effects on the wear of the face and gauge cutters/muck buckets. Overall, cutter head design heavily impacts the rate of penetration (ROP), rate of machine utilization (U), and daily advance rate (AR).